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Welcome to the home of Orange Operations, a dedicated property maintenance and facilities management company. We offer a wide range of specialised services. Please contact us for any queries.

At Orange Operations, where only the highest levels of service are offered. We offer a wide range of specialised services as well as an extensive range of solar powered products and environmentally friendly energy saving products. We are a multifaceted cleaning and property service company, priding ourselves on providing a top quality, yet affordable premium service, in an industry far too often inconsistent.

We are always aware of our social responsibility and promote the use of solar powered geysers and all forms of solar powered products, as well supplying and installing of energy saving products, such as heat pumps, and a huge range of both CFLs (Compact Flourescent Lights) bulbs, and LED light fittings of all shapes and sizes.

Please feel free to browse through both our services and products tabs to see our full range on offer..

Contact Orange Operations today for a hassle free, professional approach to ensuring your requirements are met and mastered as only we can.